Here are a few links to other C.S. Lewis societies and organisations.

  • C.S. Lewis Foundation
    This site includes an extensive list of links to many other C.S. Lewis societies, blogs and podcasts.
  • Oxford C.S. Lewis Society
    Founded in 1982 .
  • The New York C.S. Lewis Society
    This is the oldest C.S. Lewis Society, having been founded in 1969 .
  • Literary Societies in Sydney

    We are one of several literary societies in Sydney, devoted to a single author or family of authors.

      Juvenilia PressThe Juvenilia Press is a research and pedagogic project that publishes early works of the Charlotte and Branwell Bronte and other writers. Its Brontë publications are lively, low-cost volumes that include a critical introduction, scholarly annotation, and light-hearted illustrations. They are particularly useful for teaching at university and secondary school level.